The Hi-Tech & Digital Investigations Conference will be hosting its free Online Web Series during the month of October – November 2020.

Sessions include:

  • Kevin & Kenny: An Internet Rape Case Study: When Hannah met Kenny, he was kind, funny, and had a lot in common with Hannah. Kenny, a wealthy real estate professional, soon became a friend, confidante, and mentor to this young, single mother working her way through college. He also provided help for Hannah in dealing with Kevin. Kevin, an ex-internet-only boyfriend, was harassing Hannah, threatening to expose naked pictures of her and even following her around. Kenny not only provided help but interceded on Hannah’s behalf nad became an additional target for Kevin’s harassment. After a series of increasingly manipulative and threatening experiences, the police responded and immediately suspected that Kevin and Kenny were working t together. This case study will examine the steps taken to develop this proof by means of subpoenas and search warrants for phone numbers, IP addresses, and social media accounts. Presenters will also review how to prepare for a case involving forced “consent” versus actual consent. Finally, presenters will discuss potential internal blaming of the victim, who “put herself in this situation” and “should have just said no.”
    • Tracie Reilly & Bobbie Bruhn – Randall County Criminal District Attorney’s Office
    • October 15th, 9 – 11 AM (CST)
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  • THORN: Spotlight: There are more than 200,000 escort ads posted every day in this country. Somewhere in that pile of data are children who are bought and sold online for sex. Over the last six years, Spotlight has assisted investigators in finding children faster. Attendees will see firsthand how Spotlight helps prioritize leads by leveraging machine learning algorithms and utilizes link analysis tools to show connections of disparate data sources to help law enforcement understand the historical and geographical reach of a victim’s trafficking situation. Attendees will also see how Spotlight is used during the investigation process to reduce investigation time by up to 67%.
    • Kristin McGunnigle – THORN
    • October 21st, 1 – 2 PM (CST)
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      • This session is open only to Law Enforcement Officials and Prosecutors working specifically on Human Trafficking and/or Child Sex Trafficking.
  • All Kids SAFE: An App for Responding to Abuse of Youth with Disabilities: The AllKidsSafe Digital Guide works like a smartphone app, yet is tablet and desktop friendly, and designed to provide information and communication tips for interacting with crime victims who have disabilities or who are Deaf, DeafBlind, DeafDisabled, or Hard of Hearing. In this session, SAFE Disability Services staff will share information about the digital guide and its development to assist in preparing law enforcement, victim service workers, and protective services staff that are working with crime victims with disabilities. Session participants will learn how the app can be used in their own work, downloaded to smartphones, desktops, and tablets, and used when responding to youth or adults with disabilities that have been victimized.

*You must register for each webinar individually with a valid work e-mail address. Please view the process flow chart for the flow of receiving your credits. To receive a Certificate of Completion, you must complete our Post-Webinar Survey. To receive TCOLE Credits, you must submit our Record of Attendance after the webinar session.

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