The Hi-Tech & Digital Investigations Conference will be hosting its free Online Web Series during the month of August 2020. For more information view our schedule page.

The Online Web Series will include 3 webinars:

*You must register for each webinar individually with a valid work e-mail address.

Please view the process flow chart for the flow of receiving your credits:


Q: Are these webinars eligible for TCOLE credit hours?

A: Yes, they are eligible for TCOLE hours *pending approval of a waiver to offer this training in an online format.

Q: What do I need to do to receive TCOLE hours?

A: First, you must register and attend the webinar training. Secondly, you must fill out the record of attendance and evaluation (links will be emailed to you).

Q: I forgot to fil out the record of attendance and evaluation, what do I do?

A: In order to be listed on the training roster you MUST fill out both the record of attendance and evaluation within one week of the training. Sorry, there are no exceptions.

Q: Do I have to attend all the trainings to receive credit?

A: No, each training will be reported separately except for the 2 sessions by Justin Boardman on Aug. 11 & 12. In order to receive credit, you must attend BOTH sessions.

Q: Do I need a paid zoom account to attend?

A: No!

Q: Who do I contact with technical questions?

A: Our program Assistant, Justice at (512) 279-7155 and

Q: Will there be recordings of the trainings available?

A: Yes, but ONLY the live sessions will be eligible for TCOLE hours.

Q: Will you be sending out training certificates?

A: Yes! After the webinar, an evaluation will be emailed to you. Once you complete the evaluation your certificate will be emailed to you.

Q: Are you still having an in-person conference this year?

A: No, we canceled our 2020 conference due to health and safety concerns, and are holding a web series in its place.

having trouble? contact us.